Wrexham Taxis is a proud partner of the Official Wheelchair Travel at Wrexham AFC

Wrexham Taxis is honoured to be the Official Wheelchair Away Travel provider of Wrexham FC, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. We've had the pleasure to work alongside Kerry Evans, Disability Liaison Officer, who goes above and beyond for our club. We take great pride in ensuring that all fans, regardless of mobility limitations, have the opportunity to fully experience the excitement of match days. Our specially equipped buses are designed to accommodate wheelchair users comfortably and safely, providing a seamless transportation experience to and from away games. 
Wrexham Taxis proudly stands as a dedicated supporter of Wrexham FC, the beloved football club deeply ingrained within the community. As a local taxi service, we understand the importance of fostering a strong sense of unity and rallying behind our town's sporting heroes. Whether it's ferrying fans to and from the iconic Racecourse Ground on match days or displaying banners of support on our fleet of vehicles, we consistently demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the Red Dragons. 
Wrexham Taxis shares the club's passion, celebrating victories, commiserating defeats, and wholeheartedly embracing the electric atmosphere that envelops our town whenever the team takes the field. With every journey, we take great pride in embodying the spirit and camaraderie that defines Wrexham FC and our vibrant community as a whole. 

Impeccable service to our local community 

Wrexham Taxis takes immense pride in its role as an active participant in the local community. Beyond being a reliable transportation service, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our fellow residents. Our dedicated team of drivers not only navigate the streets but also act as friendly faces and trusted resources for both visitors and locals alike. 
We actively engage with community events, sponsor local initiatives, and support charitable causes. Whether it's providing discounted rides for elderly residents, organising fundraising drives, or participating in community clean-up efforts, we are committed to making Wrexham a better place for everyone. Wrexham Taxis believes in the power of community and remains dedicated to being an integral part of the fabric that binds us together. 
We are fully covered for all legal aspects, vehicle insurers, public liability, employers’ liability, fully comprehensive vehicle insurance. Drivers working hours are also regulated within the company to ensure customer safety at all times. 

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